Care & Maintenance

Dek-King is manufactured from UV stabilised, outdoor grade PVC containing a colourfast pigment, providing you with a deck that requires no specialist treatment or costly care and maintenance! Below you will find the answers to some popular care and maintenance questions, we recommend you take a read to keep your deck not only looking good but also ensuring that it lasts for years to come.

How do I clean my Dek-King deck?

Looking after your Dek-King couldn’t be easier. Simply wash the surface with a scrubbing brush, warm water and a mild, marine safe detergent.

Unlike teak decks, Dek-King can be jet washed to provide a thorough clean over larger areas if necessary.

I regularly go fishing, is Dek-King suitable for me and can I remove fish blood?

Yes, in fact Dek-King is regularly used by leading boat builders specialising in sport fishers. Fish blood, oil and even red wine can be removed.

We recommend you simply clean any spillages as soon as possible using the directions above.

What happens if there are any small marks that need to be removed?

Stains that have been left to dry or other small areas of surface damage can be removed by carefully rubbing a 40-grit sandpaper along the grain. This sanded area may appear lighter but should blend over a short period of time with sunlight.

Power sanders are not recommended as they can easily create an uneven surface or cause damage to the profiles and joins.

Do you recommend certain footwear?

As with traditional teak decks we recommend deck shoes as the footwear of choice. Both black soled shoes and high heels should be avoided due to scuffs and pressure marks.

You can also enjoy Dek-King barefoot due to its anti-slip performance even when wet.

Can I put furniture directly onto Dek-King?

Yes. Furniture padding should be used where possible to distribute pressure, as with high heels focussed pressure may cause dents. Care should also be taken when moving heavy items across your deck as a dragging motion may scratch the material or cause permanent damage.

What about hot objects? Can I put these onto Dek-King?

Please avoid placing hot objects onto Dek-King as this may lead to marks or burns appearing upon the surface which may be difficult to remove, depending on the depth to which the heat has spread.

Do I need to treat Dek-King to retain its finish or anti-slip qualities?

No. Dek-Kings low maintenance finish does not require any further treatments. We recommend you simply keep the surface clean using the directions above. Please do not use paint, varnish, oil or sealant as these will void your warranty.

What advice do you have regarding using chemicals, solvents and cleaning products?

If your deck comes into contact with such liquids please rinse with water as soon as possible to prevent staining, as failure to do so may result in damage. Citrus based cleaning products must also be avoided. Exposing your deck to any of these substances will void any warranty.

Does Dek-King come with a guarantee?

Dek-King is covered by a 5-year material guarantee.


For further information on the above or to raise further questions, please contact your nearest Dek-King distributor or place an enquiry with the Dek-King Team.



2 Dek-King Synthetic Teak Fully Welded Seams

Fully Welded Seams

Dek-King Synthetic Teak Professional Fabrication

Professional Fabrication

Dek-King Synthetic Teak Stain Resistant

Stain Resistant

Dek-King Synthetic Teak Anti-Slip

Anti-slip, even when wet

Dek-King Synthetic Teak 5-Year Material Guarantee

5-Year Material Guarantee

Dek-King Synthetic Teak 9 Stock Colours

10 Stock Colours




Dek-King is made from UV stabilized outdoor grade PVC containing a colourfast pigment, removing the need for both specialist treatment and costly maintenance.

Dek-King is covered by a 5-year material guarantee.

Dek-King 5 Year Guarantee

Dek-King Panel Care and Maintenance

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