Our team of professional fabricators utilise their craftsmanship to supply fully welded and waterproof panels of Dek-King synthetic teak to boat builders, boat yards or boat owners.

Panels are fabricated from templates taken directly from your boat to ensure that you receive a bespoke product specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Our distributors will work with you to ensure that your deck is created to your exact specifications. Whether following traditional teak wood boat deck design elements or perhaps instead following a more simplified, modern design your fitter will use their expertise to deliver a deck that surpasses your expectations.

The use of synthetic teak delivers greater flexibility in providing an attractive, non-slip deck covering to all manner of craft.


Step 1

Synthetic Teak Fabrication Step 1
Materials are prepared in accordance with design requirements.

Step 2

Synthetic Teak Fabrication Step 2
Individual profiles are thermally joined to create a panel.

Step 3

Synthetic Teak Fabrication Step 3
Margins can then be added to finish the panel.

Step 4

Synthetic Teak Fabrication Step 4
The boat set is dispatched ready for installation.


Dek-King can be supplied to you in the following ways:

No matter what installation method you chose, your panels will be created to your exact specifications and tailored to your needs. For further information please complete our enquiry from.

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