Dek-King 2G: Synthetic Teak

Dek-King 2G: premium synthetic teak which is cooler & lighter than 1G material

Dek-King 2G is a premium synthetic teak designed to provide the ultimate alternative to the traditional teak decking that we all know and love. With lifelike graining that differs between planks, Dek-King replicates natural timber to provide a finish almost indistinguishable from real teak.

Our 2G material includes nanotechnology resulting in a deck that is 30% cooler underfoot and 32% lighter in weight than the original 1G synthetic teak.

Created from outdoor grade UV stabilised PVC, Dek-King retains its good looks without the need for the timely maintenance of a wooden teak deck. Dek-King is stain resistant and can easily be cleaned with soapy water. Safety can also be ensured as Dek-King provides an excellent anti-slip surface.

Dek-King 2G Cooler Thermometer

Cooler underfootNoticeably cooler underfoot than 1G synthetic teak.

Dek-King 2G Lighter Weight

Lighter in weightLess weight on your boat for increased efficiency.

Each deck is individually templated by our team of professionals who then combine modern construction techniques with traditional hand craft finishing to create outstanding results for your installation. Our twelve stock colours and professionals experience allow for you to create a boat deck completely unique to you.

Wondering how Dek-King can work for you? Visit the gallery to view Dek-King on a variety of vessels.

The durability and flexibility of Dek-King make it suitable for a number of projects not limited to the marine industry. For further information please get in touch.


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